Species Available in CypressKast and TeakKast

  • Construction:  7/8" thick hi-density resin Contempo door, with flat back
  • Rail Width:  Front 3/8" W and Back 2". There are miter joints in the corners.
  • Min/Max Door Size:  Doors are fabricated, so sizes are limited by our panel sizes.
  • Drawer Fronts:  7/8" thick slab with anodized aluminum or brushed stainless steel edge detial
  • Grain Direction: Door Panel: Grain direction is vertical on door panel.
  • Grain Direction Drawer:  Grain direction is horizontal on drawers, vertial grain not available
  • Finish Options: Contempo Doors are available with all paint,stain, & glaze finishes.
  • Finished Back of Door:  Doors painted Super White will come with standard white backs, all other finishes will have black backs.

Perimeter Profiles

  1. Aluminum Peremiter (30%)
    Aluminum Peremiter (30%)
  2. Matte Black Perimiter (30%)
    Matte Black Perimiter (30%)
  3. Brushed Stainless Perimiter (40%)
    Brushed Stainless Perimiter (40%)
  1. Weather Charcoal
    Weather Charcoal
  2. Walnut
  3. Super-White
  4. Olive Mist
    Olive Mist
  5. Nutmeg
  6. Weathered Spanish Moss
    Weathered Spanish Moss
  7. Arctic Slate w/ Brushed stainless
    Arctic Slate w/ Brushed stainless
  8. Weathered Dockside
    Weathered Dockside
  9. Weathered Graphite
    Weathered Graphite
  10. Weathered Driftwood
    Weathered Driftwood
  11. Russet Mocha w/ Aluminum
    Russet Mocha w/ Aluminum
  12. Silver Birch
    Silver Birch
  13. Vintage Linen w/ Matte Black
    Vintage Linen w/ Matte Black
  14. Biscotti Java w/ Matte Black
    Biscotti Java w/ Matte Black
  15. Espresso
  16. Chestnut
  17. Weathered Desert Tan
    Weathered Desert Tan
  18. Fossil Grey w/ Aluminum
    Fossil Grey w/ Aluminum